Eliminate Distended Stomach After the Holiday

Many people make a vacation as a moment for culinary tourism. You might be one of them. From morning till night, you are busy tasting various foods from one restaurant to another. When the holidays are over, the belly is distended and the body widens.

Instead of regretting this, you should immediately apply the following tips for a protruding belly:

Adjust your diet

It’s legitimate if you want to enjoy a variety of foods while on vacation. Especially if it’s your first time coming to an area, you will definitely be tempted to taste its special food.

But after the holidays, you need to reorganize your diet by reducing sweet and fatty foods. You need to increase your consumption of protein and fiber.


You need to exercise for 30 minutes, three or five times a week. Regular exercise can help cut body fat.

In addition, you also need to focus on sit-ups or plank exercises to flatten the distended abdomen after the holidays.

Enough sleep

You need to make sure you get enough sleep for 7-8 hours every day. Adequate rest can help smooth the body’s metabolism and maintain ideal body weight.

Self control

You might find it hard to resist the urge to eat when you see delicious food on vacation. In order not to overeat, you need to control yourself.

If you want to try all the food, you should take it in small portions, rather than directly eating everything in large quantities.

Personal resolution

You need to avoid excessive dieting like not eating anything in a day. Instead of succeeding in losing weight, you will actually be frustrated and vent it by eating more.


Weight that rises dramatically for a week can indeed be stressful. You need to set realistic goals in losing weight after the holidays. For example, trim 0.5-1 kg within a week.
Well, this was the tips for leveling the distended abdomen after the holidays. Applying these tips isn’t easy, but you can’t give up. To be successful, you need to maintain a balance between calorie intake and the number of calories burned through physical activity.