5 Things That Make Your Diet Fail

Losing weight is a problem for some people. In fact, many people assume that losing weight is like a lifelong struggle.

You certainly know that overeating can make your diet fail and the balance increases. But the following things can also make your diet fail:

Skipping meals

Many people think that reducing the frequency of eating can accelerate the process of weight loss. In fact, by skipping meals, you will accumulate a desire to eat. The desire that continues to accumulate over time will ‘explode’ in the next meal period and make you overeat.

A better way to diet is to reduce the size of the meal, not reduce its frequency. Eat a little with a period that is often effective enough to hold hunger. Eat before you feel hungry to avoid going crazy while eating.

Soft drink

When you are dieting, of course the drink that you think is safer for consumption is diet soda. It’s true logically, diet soda compared to regular soda has calories that should be lower.

However, according to research conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center on 475 people over 10 years reported that participants who drank diet soda experienced an increase in waist circumference of 70% compared to participants who did not drink soda at all.

Eat with friends

Which type of food do you like, eat alone or eat with friends? Research published in the journal Nutrition reports that when you eat with other people (1 person), then you will tend to eat 33% more than eating alone.

This number will continue to increase when the number of your dining friends also increases. This increase is likely due to the length of time spent eating together with others, which causes you to eat more.

Open social media too often

Are you crazy about social media? It’s like opium, most people access social media without knowing the time. Whenever and wherever social media can be accessed.

Based on research conducted at the University of Ulster in Ireland conducted on 350 students found that students who spend hours opening social media tend to experience a higher risk of obesity. This happens because the time spent on sports or physical activity is also reduced.

Lack of sleep

Sleep is often overlooked and considered an ordinary routine. In fact, sleep is an important activity so that the body can recover. For those of you who are dieting and losing weight, lack of sleep can make your diet fail.

Based on research, adults who sleep less than 5 hours every day experience weight gain compared to those who sleep 7-9 hours every day.

Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that the body of people who sleep less will burn 5 percent less calories than those who get enough sleep.

In addition, in a 2011 study of The American Heart Association it was revealed that women who only slept four hours each night would consume 329 more calories. The research also revealed that people who stay up late tend to eat carbohydrate snacks.

Now you already know the things that can make your diet fail. So, do not underestimate the habits that you often do. It could be those things that actually make your diet fail and your weight never goes down.