Detox Diet Just by Drinking Fruit Juice, Is It Safe?

Photo by from Pexels

Drinking fruit juice is considered a promising way to lose weight quickly. Especially if there is an important event in front of your eyes and you want to lose weight instantly. In addition, this diet is also considered to be a detox poison in the body. Is it safe to do this diet?

A detox diet is a diet that uses only liquids (usually certain juices or drinks) with little or no solid food. Will you lose weight?

Of course. However, this diet is not safe and is not good for health, because you will lose various nutrients essential for the body.

In addition, other effects are that you become more lethargic, less energy, difficult to focus and difficult to move. Because it is not possible in the long run you only drink fruit and vegetable juices. Low calorie intake will make you become weak, lethargic and not energized when on the move.

Detox diet method is done by drinking juice that contains very small calories, so your metabolism will slow down and can lose weight quickly.

However, when you return to your original diet and eat solid food, your weight will also increase because of hunger and hunger for food. In fact, if it is not controlled, your weight can increase from the previous one.

Fruits and vegetables are good for consumption because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. But if you only drink fruit and vegetable juices throughout the day without consuming other foods, you will lose important nutrients that are also needed by the body, such as protein and fat.

If protein intake is also limited, you will lose muscle mass in the body. So, when your weight returns to normal, most parts of the body will consist of fat.

In addition, the wrong assumption about this diet is a detox diet with fruit juice can help remove toxins from the body. In fact, your body has its own system for expending substances that are not needed by the body.

In this case, the liver and kidneys play a role in removing waste products and toxins from the body. So, your body does not need outside help to remove the remaining disposal.

In fact, a detox diet by drinking fruit juice alone is not good for health. Fulfillment of 2000 calories every day must also be fulfilled, adjusted to your activity and weight. Do a combination of a healthy diet with balanced nutrition and exercise so that you can go on a diet without feeling weak.

So remember, do not carelessly do a detox diet. Make sure you meet the nutritional needs in accordance with the needs of the body. If necessary, you can consult a doctor first.